Photos: First Steps

  • Price: $45.00
  • User Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 2 hours

This class covers Apple's new 'Photos' program which has replaced 'iPhoto' on all new Apple computers. In the old days we put our photos in huge hard cover books called photo albums, which we took out of a drawer every five years or so for a few minutes of pleasant reminiscing. Sometimes we had company during this ritual, and the act of sharing those memories suddenly became a lot more fun. The digital age of photography more than anything else, means we have many more options for sharing our photos and having fun with them. This is what 'Photos' is all about. Come and learn how to share your memories in this digital age using Apple Photos. Learn how to edit and enhance your photos, and how to organize them in order to utilize them more effectively and find the photos you want quickly and easily.

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