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About the Mac Pros Training Center

Welcome to the Mac Pros Training Center web site. This is where you can view all our class offerings and reserve seats for classes you wish to take. And when the time comes for your class, we will be ready and waiting at our state-of-the-art training facility next to our store on 41st Street, in Sioux Falls SD. Here's a map to our location if you need it.

Although we've been operating our training center for several years under the "iLearn" moniker, we wanted to make some changes. And changing our name was only a start. The real difference is the website. It will make our Center better by providing a tool that enables us to offer more classes that more people want. It's a simple VOTING system for classes and there's nothing else like it on the web. You can read all about it, as well as other great features of our Training Center, further down this page.

Mac and iPad users, it's your turn now. Take advantage of these opportunities to develop your computer literacy. We'll show you how to get more done with your Mac and have more fun doing it. You show us that you want Mac Training and are willing to support us in our efforts to provide it. You don't have to be helpless in our digital world. Our training classes are designed to dramatically improve your knowledge and skills on the Mac and in all the software you use today and hope to use tomorrow. Let's do it together!

Discounted classes for Mac Pros Customers

Every time you purchase a new or used Mac or iPad at Mac Pros you'll receive a discounted class. Simple as that. Not just any class either. You get a full 2 hours of hands-on training with a highly qualified Apple Specialist. You can even bring a guest with you at no extra charge. No other computer company around gives you all that. This offer is valid for any Mac or iPad purchases at the regular advertised prices.

Redeeming Mac Pros Discount Coupons

You don't need a coupon to purchase classes and reserve seats. You could simply sign up for a class and bring your payment with you when you come. However, when you purchase a Mac or iPad at Mac Pros you receive a coupon for a discounted class. That coupon comes with a redemption code that you can apply when purchasing a class on this website.

Two Ways To Redeem Coupons: You can redeem a discount coupon before selecting your class and then apply it at "Check Out" after choosing your class. Or you can make your class selection first, and then redeem and apply the coupon at check out. Either way, the process should be almost effortless.

More Discount Coupons from Mac Pros: We may run specials from time to time and offer discounts on our training classes, a good reason to make sure we have your email address on file at Mac Pros. You don't want to be left out of the loop. These discounts are also delivered by coupons. So whether it's a 50% OFF coupon or a coupon that only applies to certain classes, the way to redeem them is the same.

NOTE: Coupons usually have restrictions. So if you can't apply a coupon to a certain class, check to make sure the class qualifies for your particular coupon discount.

Click here to redeem your coupon now

Our Voting System

The most innovative feature of our website is the integrated voting system which enables you to decide which classes make it on our schedule. That's right YOU determine the curriculum! There is nothing else like this on the Web, far as we know. And Mac Pros is proud to be a part of it.

About the Voting Process

Creating a User Account

This is a major new feature of our training website. With an individual user account you can now exercise much more control over how you utilize this site. For instance, you can track your purchases, monitor classes you've voted for, change your password, access a calendar customized with your upcoming class schedule, cancel or change classes you've signed up for, redeem coupons, and so on. And best of all, it makes your return visits so much more convenient because, after logging in, we'll remember who you are.

How To Get Notified When New Classes Are Scheduled

Just make sure you've created a User Account here, or have an email address on file at the Mac Pros store. We'll take care of the rest.

Paying For A Class

No payments are processed through our website. If you have a coupon, you will redeem it when you select your class and reserve your seat here, and your invoice will reflect that. But when payments are involved, they are transacted at the training center just before the start of class. We accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and personal checks. Please prepare checks prior to arriving at the training center. Your invoice, generated on the website when you "check out" will provide the necessary information.

Canceling or Adjusting a Class Reservation

Canceling or adjusting a class reservation can be done a couple different ways. If you received an email invoice after making a reservation, that invoice has convenient Modify buttons enabling you to easily adjust or cancel your reservations.

Another option is to select the page then select . There you'll be able to review all of your purchase invoices which include the Modify buttons next to future classes that you've signed up for.

Custom Tailored Training Options

It's hard to argue against training sessions tailored specifically to your individual or group needs. What could be more effective? With our training resources, we can arrange training options that better suit your schedule and your needs. Check out our Personal Tutoring and our Custom Group Training packages.

Teaching Opportunities

We're always looking for new instructors. If you are skilled in a particular Mac software program and believe you have the verbal wherewithal to impart your knowledge to others, we hope you'll let us know.

It wouldn't matter if you have a full-time job somewhere else. We're only looking for people who can teach an occasional 2 or 3 hour class, usually in an evening or on a weekend, in a classroom setting or in personal tutoring sessions. You'll get paid well if you teach, and we'll give you special discounts on Apple products at our store.

Don't be discouraged if you see the class you want to teach already on our class list. We may not have an instructor for that class yet. If we do, they may not be permanent. In either case, please let us know of your availability for this rewarding opportunity.

Behind the Curtain

The Mac Pros Training Center is the brain child and heart's desire of Gary Rensch, owner and president of Mac Pros, Inc. the region's number one Apple Specialist store. Gary and his brother, Richard, take care of the day to day operations of the training center and teach most of the core classes. But we have many other instructors waiting in the wings, working their day jobs, until we call them in to teach whatever class they are uniquely qualified for.

Another very important partner in our training center endeavors is our good friend and gifted web developer Christopher Raymond of MacWorks located in Minneapolis, MN. We asked Christopher to completely redesign our training website and incorporate sophisticated web technologies that would tax even the most skillful programmers. What we got was everything we wanted and more. We could not be happier. Thank You Christopher!